KPI Template

Your top level metrics document is just that – top level. As per the text of the book, “doing statistics” is so much more – it is about finding where the real user activity is, where “success” is in your particular context and getting to understand your users in much more detail.

Having said that, the reality is that many senior stakeholders don’t care about the detail and instead want to know “top level figures” – typically this is visits, but often slightly more detail than that. The spreadsheet linked below is a simple template for you to use to capture this non-detailed bit.

For these kinds of figures to make sense, they really need to be surrounded by narrative – qualitative stuff about the real activities which have taken place. So – rather than just posting how many Twitter followers you’ve gained in any particular month, include some dialogue about why this figure has increased or decreased on the previous month – and, if you can, copy in some real examples: “Really interesting tweet from @mymuseum – thanks guys!”. The format that you do this in very much depends on your context – email, Word document, intranet…whatever works for you..

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