About me

Me. In a hat.

I’m a digital strategist. This means I spend a lot of my time trying to think beyond technology. I believe we stand a better chance of creating amazing, life-changing online experiences by focusing on people first and technologies a bit further down the line.

This isn’t a new thought, and it isn’t a particularly original one, but you’d be surprised how many organisations have a radical disconnect between the geeky people and the content people. This is partly a problem of translation, partly a problem of history, but it is a problem, and I’d like to try and help solve it.

In case you’re interested…

…I currently work as a Digital Strategist within the Research & Innovation Group at Eduserv, a not-for-profit IT company.

…before that I was Head of Web at NMSI (a group of national museums which includes The Science Museum, National Railway Museum and National Media Museum)

…before that I was Design and Production Manager at Waterstone’s Online

I regularly speak and give workshops about social media, mobile technologies and new business models. I blog at electronicmuseum.org.uk and tweet at @m1ke_ellis.

You can contact me either here or via variousbits.net.

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